Monday, January 13, 2014

Crazy sexy arms...

Sexy arms for your everyday woman....

Now every lady can create sexy arms from the comfort of your own home. Check this out ladies, sexy, sleek arms...

Most women think that to have a great set of arms all that is necessary is your basic bicep workout. Umm, you need a little more than just that. Follow my arms workout and see results in a shorter amount of time.

Let's begin....
Exercise 1. Biceps
This is your basic bicep curl. The up and down movement will create muscle in the middle part of the arm, overall if this is the only exercise you know stick to it. You can get great results...4 sets of 15 repetitions. 2 times a week for faster results.

  I love this the bicep curl done with bands. Bands are great for women who don't want to put on size just definition. Reps as above...

Exercise 2.  Triceps

 Did someone say Kickback??? Yes friends, my old time favorite is called a kickback. I love the cartoon it explain in detail so well. So many people do this exercise wrong. Stick to the cartoon image. It's a straight shot out, Start with the arms folded at the elbow and extent out, returning back to the same position. Keep your arms at all times up. 4 sets of 15 repetitions
Another great triceps exercise is Dips..
Try dips without weights, use your own body weight, simply as the picture shows going up and down, bending from the arms at the elbows. This will not be easy at first, as you will be lifting your own body weight, soon enough though you will need to increase more weight by adding free weights. 
3 sets for 10-15 repetitions.

Exercise 3. Push ups

You just have to love push ups..In the service, in jails and prison, this is the exercise that will never be outdated. Why??? Arms, triceps, shoulders, chest...Need I say more..A push-up is necessary in a arm workout to tie it all in. To have aver all sexy arms...

 Also, the best thing about push-ups, they can be done everywhere...On a bench, in your kitchen, on the floor, and for beginners...On your knees. If the basic push-up is too hard at first, get on your knees, no excuses..
3 sets for 10-15 repetitions.

Exercise 4 and 5...Shoulders
So why are shoulders important for arms??. Once again it's great for an overall sexy arm. For most people the bicep will come in quickly the little cuts in the back of the arms are formed when you focus on shoulders and triceps together. These two variations of shoulder exercises are ideal. Shoulders can also be done separately on a day just by themselves. If you are short on time add these two for 2 sets and 15 reps. Your arms should be tired by now so you won't need a lot.

Thanks for taking the time to read this week's blog...
Angie Castillo
Life style Coaching

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