Thursday, April 24, 2014

Beat Stress, Fight Insomnia, Get Energized...

Clever Combos...

Are you having problems with Stress, Insomnia, and Headaches???
Well I think it's time to deal with these issues in a Clever way...
Food, yes, certain foods help to deal and or release some of these issues.

Let's begin...
First Stress, it's so HUGE now a days. Everyone is dealing with some sort of stress. It's sad that so many people are getting sick, having Anxiety, depression because of stressful situations.
Of course I will recommend exercise to deal with stress but here are a few healthy options.
Sunflower seeds: Are a great source of folate, which helps your body produce a pleasure inducing brain chemical called dopamine. Try 1 or 2 Tbsp for a snack.
Spinach: Spinach improves your body's response to stress, studies show that Spinach has magnesium.
Try adding to smoothies, salads
Blueberries: Their antioxidants counteract the effect of stress hormones like cortisol on your body.
Try 1/2 cup with your morning cereal.
Clever Combo: Make a spinach salad add your favorite greens such as cucumber, lettuce, kale. Top with blueberries and sunflower seeds...

Next Insomnia...
Yikes, I can't imagine not sleeping. I don't know about you but if I don't sleep I feel crazy.
Check this out, did you know that Yogurt, bananas, and potatoes are good for Insomnia.
Yogurt: Calcium rich boost levels of serotonin, a calming hormone that promote sleep.
Try 6 to 8 oz of yogurt before bedtime.
Bananas: The are packed with vitamin B6 a vitamin that helps keep your internal clock ticking normally, signaling when to fall asleep and when to wake up.
Try a banana everyday.
Potatoes: Research shows that high glycemic index foods like potatoes have a sedative effect.
Try half a potato 4 hours before bedtime.
Clever Combo: I love adding yogurt to my fruit. Cut into small pieces strawberries, bananas, peaches and 6 oz. of Greek yogurt. Top it with 2 tbs. of granola, Enjoy!

Get energized....
After stress people look for ways to have energy, we are living in a crazy world, where we are constantly trying to deal with stress and have energy to do what we want to do. For this I suggest balance what's wild is when you exercise you have more energy. So go for it..also try these healthy alternatives.
Almonds or Almond butter: They help stabilize energy levels thanks to a mix of protein and healthy fat.
Try a small handful of almonds or 1 tbs. almond butter.
Coffee: Studies show that a cup of coffee may be even better than a power nap for a quick shot of get-up and go. 
Try one cup 8 oz. of coffee
Clever Combo: Add 1 tbs.of almond butter to slices of apples...

Last but not least Headaches..
Ouch, I remember when I was younger I would get so many headaches. It's ugly, every noise, smell bothers you. Let's see these awesome healthy ways to combat these painful headaches.
Kale: Magnesium rich greens help you have fewer migraines by fighting inflamation.
Try 2 or more cups a few times a week.
Black Beans: Several studies have linked unstable blood sugar levels to headaches. Black beans are high in fiber and high in magnesium. 
Try 1/2 cup several times a week.
Tuna and Halibut: They have healthy omega-3's, which may help halt the inflammation that leads to migraines. 
Try one or two 4 oz. serving per week.
Clever combo: For dinner make Tuna or Halibut steaks with a Kale salad topped with black beans and avocado.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog with healthy alternatives. As always, take care of your body. Love life, help people. Live life on purpose.

To our health
Angie Castillo
Lifestyle Coaching