Monday, December 30, 2013

Yoga vs. Pilates what's better for you???

The word yoga itself means "union": of the individual consciousness or soul with the Universal Consciousness or Spirit. Though many people think of yoga only as physical exercises — the asanas or postures that have gained widespread popularity in recent decades — these are actually only the most superficial aspect of this profound science of unfolding the infinite potentials of the human mind and soul.

The mind-body practice is frequently touted for its ability to reduce stress and boost well-being, but it also offers wide-ranging physical health benefits that rival other forms of exercise.

HathaThis type of yoga is slow-paced, gentle, and focused on breathing and meditation.  To introduce beginners to yoga with basic poses and relaxation techniques. Relieves stress, provides physical exercise, and improves breathing. Beginners and people wanting to learn the basics of yoga

Vinyasa: This variety of Hatha yoga emphasizes on the Sun Salutation, a series of 12 poses. To link the breath with movement and to build lean muscle mass throughout the body. Helps improve strength and flexibility, tones the abdominal muscles, and reduces the risk of heart disease, high blood pressure, and type 2 diabetes. Beginners and advanced yogis alike seeking to strengthen their bodies

Ashtanga: Considered a form of power yoga, Ashtanga is fast-paced and intense with lunges and push-ups. To help improve one’s spiritual self. Relieves stress, improves coordination, and helps with weight loss. Fit people looking to maintain strength and stamina, and those who want to get in touch with their spiritual side

Iyengar: Different props like straps, blankets, and blocks are used to assist in strengthening the body. Standing poses are emphasized, and are often held for long periods of time. To strengthen and bring the body into alignment. Helps improve balance, speeds up recovery from an injury, and builds up body strength. Beginners who want to learn the correct alignments in each pose and those with injuries, balance issues, and chronic medical conditions like arthritis

BikramAlso known as hot yoga, Bikram is practiced in a 95 to 100 degree room. It’s typically a series of 26 poses that allows for a loosening of tight muscles and sweating. To flush out toxins and to deeply stretch the muscles. Speeds up recovery from an injury, enhances flexibility, and cleanses the body. Beginners and advanced yogis alike who want to push themselves and those with physical injuries

PilatesThe focus of Pilates is physical. It’s a conditioning program that improves deep core strength, muscle control, flexibility, coordination, and body tone, while producing long, lean muscles. It has six principles, which have been modified since Joseph Pilates first created the method in the 1920’s:
Pilates can be completed on a mat, or on specialized equipment such as the Reformer, which utilizes pulleys, springs and weight resistance to build strength. The regimen involves calisthenics that isolate and work each muscle group without creating bulk. 
1. Centering (strengthening The Powerhouse—abdominal muscles, pelvis, buttocks and lower back)
2. Concentration (bringing full attention to each exercise)
3. Control (utilizing total muscle control)
4. Precision (every movement has a purpose)
5. Breath (exercises are coordinated with the breath)
6. Flow (movements are smooth and graceful)

on a Reformer  uses springs, pulleys, bars & straps to perform over 500 exercises in a variety of positions. The equipment was originally developed to offer movement & rehab to the injured, but today it offers a more                   challenging version of the matwork.

Pilates also enhances respiratory and circulatory function, both helpful in managing arthritic pain and reducing muscle and tendon soreness. And, through the development of a stronger core, and emphasis of neutral spinal alignment, Pilates helps prevent and allay back pain, and improve overall spine health.
Pilates is known to stretch, strengthen, gain flexibility and balance your body, while connecting the mind with the body.  Strengthening the ‘Powerhouse’ which includes the abdomen, lower back, hips and buttocks is the biggest benefit that you will get while practicing Pilates.

So after all this information, how do you choose..Simple what is it that your body needs? What are you looking for to achieve and what do you want your body to look like?
 In simple words...Yoga will give you a body that is muscular and strong. The poses are held for seconds and/or minutes..
Pilates will give you a long lean look, the poses are repetitive never really holding them. Lot's of repetitions. If you have back injuries I prefer Pilates. I have over 15 years of lifting weights and for me holding a yoga pose is very excruciating pain. Pilates are easier on my body. 

Thank you for taking a look at this week's blog
Stay healthy, strong, be fit and love life.
Angie Castillo
Life Style Coach

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Getting your health and fit on...

I know I have had plenty of leftovers, and feeling over-stuffed!!!
How in the world come Sunday evening and my children and I are still having turkey dinner. 
Now is it's time to get back in the game. Friday I had a morning walk with pull-ups and lunges. Saturday my baby and I went running up stairs. Whether it be running, walking, bleachers or weights, it's all good, just move your booty...

Adding step-ups adds great definition to your bootie. Doing three sets of 20 will be enough. Step it up...

  I love adding different exercises. Push-ups and pull-ups are great for upper body. Doing pull-ups and push-ups works your bicep and triceps,chest, shoulders and back.

Thank you for stopping by, as always stay fit and healthy, you never know if today will be your last day of life...

P.S. here is a detox water to help flush out the junk.. 
Ingredients: 1 cup of fresh coconut water, 1/2 cup fresh coconut meat, 1 cucumber sliced, 1/2 cup of raspberries, 1/2 cup of blueberries, pinch of Himalayan salt, 1 tbs. fresh lemon, 1 liter of water.
 Refrigerate 4-6 hours. Serve and enjoy!!

Angie Castillo
Intuitive Life Coach/ Lifestyle Coaching